RUFA Salt Lake City

Check-in location varies depending on which event you are running, see below:

  • 24 hr – Check-in next to the shuttle pickup between 4:40 and 5:30AM
  • 12 hr – Check-in next to the shuttle pickup between 5:30 and 6:30AM
  • 6 hr 8AM Start – Check-in next to the shuttle pickup between 6:30 and 7:30AM
  • 6 hr 3PM Start – At (new Millcreek Inn base station) – please take the shuttle still
  • 6 hr 11PM Start – At (new Millcreek Inn base station) – please take the shuttle still


Starting in 2018, the “flexible” start times from previous years are no longer. Please see below for start times for the 24, 12, and 6 hour categories.



Results from the three categories will be sorted first by number of laps and secondarily by total elapsed time.  Only full laps (to the summit and back) will be counted.

Live timing will exist in 2019 via  See the home page for the link, which will be live on the day of the race.

Cutoff Time

The only cutoff time is leaving Church Fork Aid Station for a final lap at 4:30AM Sunday.  This is applicable to the 24 event.

All runners need to notify the Aid Station captain upon finishing their final lap in the allotted time. If a runners chooses to stop early, they also need to let the aid station captain that they are done.  From this point they are on their own and may choose to hang around the aid station to cheer on other runners or take the next shuttle back to their car.


Home Base (2019 – Millcreek Inn Base Station)

We will have a well-equipped, warm, and fun aid station in the Church Fork picnic area (group site). Food, water, music, encouragement, is what you’ll find here.  You are strongly encouraged to bring all necessary gear to support you throughout the event to this aid-station where it will be stored in a covered tent and accessed as you require it.  Food and drinks are intended to support race participants only.

Available Food:

Water & sports drink, PB&J, oranges, bananas, nuts, candy, chips, grilled cheese, soup, vegan soup, chicken broth, hot chocolate, tea, coffee, coke, sprite, breakfast burritos (Sun AM).


Dogs are not allowed at the Millcreek Inn Base Station


If you are a participant, support crew, spectator, etc. you are required to ride the shuttle to and from race head-quarters.  Our permit strictly hinges on us all following the rules.

Interactive Map : Click here

Updated Shuttle Route.  New for 2017
Detailed map getting to the parking lot for shuttle pickup/dropoff

City pickup/dropoff

  • LDS Church (“City” in time-table)
    • 3141 E Craig Dr, Salt Lake City, UT 84109
    • GPS40.6931, -111.8055

Canyon dropoff/pickup

  • Millcreek Church Fork (“Millcreek” in time-table)
    • 40.6976, -111.7424


Check-In for the 24 hr 6AM, 12 hr 7AM, and 6 hr 8AM events will take place at the church LDS church.  When you arrive at Church Fork, please show your bib to the timing folks as proof that your rode the shuttle, are present and ready to run.

Participants in the 3PM and 11PM events are also required to ride the shuttle, however, check-in will take place at the Church Fork headquarters.


The shuttle will strictly follow the schedule below.  Click image to open a .pdf of the schedule.