2019 Update – T Minus 4 weeks

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RUFA is 1 month out and an update is in order:

  • Climbing : In addition to RUFA-SLC and RUFA-Ogden, there are two Climbing Up For Air (CUFA) events, hosted at the Front SLC and Front Ogden facilities.  Registration for the two events can be found here (CUFA SLC, CUFA Ogden).  CUFA will consist of 4 and 8 hr climb-a-thons on Feb 10th (Sun).  Some crazy folks are doing the RUFA/CUFA double!  Please encourage all the climbers you know to consider signing up.
  • After Party : For the first time in RUFA’s history we will have an after-race celebration and awards ceremony.  At 6:30 PM on Feb 10th (Sun), just after the CUFA climb-a-thons end, both Front facilities will have food and drink available free of charge for RUFA/CUFA participants (included as part of your registration fee) and for purchase by everyone else.  Assuming you can walk, please consider joining us.  We will review overall numbers (money raised, vertical ascended, total summits, etc.) and award some very cool handmade RUFA mugs to the top 3 finishers (female and male) in the 24/12/6 hr events.  This is not mandatory, but please attend if you can (via public transit or carpool if possible).
  • Donate! : RUFA exists to raise money to support the mission to improve air quality for everyone.  A good portion of your registration fee goes directly to Breathe Utah, but we encourage you to help us raise more.  Please share this special donation link (https://breatheutah.org/donate/team-up-for-air-2019) via whatever social media channels and other mechanisms you are willing.  When folks donate they can specify your name as the person they are donating on behalf of.  At the awards ceremony we will award several special RUFA mugs to those who raise the most.  Note : Donations go directly to Breathe Utah, a Utah 501c3.
    Happy training and see you soon.


Running Up For Air Committee


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Jay Griffith and Lindsay Daniels graciously allowed us to display their award winning film, Holy, on the RUFA website.  Find a quiet 9 minutes and enjoy.



Event Updates (2017-11-04)

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  • We are thrilled to have Patagonia on-board as a sponsor.  Our race shirts, a first for  RUFA!, will be Patagonia so you know you’ll have a garment that you’ll wear for many years.
  • We are honored to again have the support of Drymax.  All runners will receive a free pair at check-in.
  • We have added two 6 hr category “waves”, see Format for details.
  • Our 5 year permit has been secured.

2/4/2017 – Runner Update Email

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Greetings RUFA Runners,

We are now less than one week out from the 2017 event.  There are several CRITICAL items to communicate so please read on:

1) We have made a last minute change to the shuttle “city” pickup/dropoff location.  Instead of the Olympus Hills Shopping Center, which we used in 2016, we have moved to parking lot behind the LDS church directly north of Wasatch Junior High School.  Please review the website for details.

2) Revised shuttle schedule.  The shuttle schedule has been altered from last year.  For the morning start times of 6, 7, 8, or 9AM, we will be running 3 shuttles on a staggered (by 10 minutes) departure schedule.  This will enable us to more easily handle the influx of people at check-in.  Arrival times at Church Fork will allow between 20 and 40 minutes of time (depending on which shuttle you catch) prior to the start time for check-in and last minute preparations.  Please review the website material for the shuttle schedule and download the .pdf.  Also, if you have family/crew coming up, please ensure that they are aware of the shuttle pickup location and schedule and use the shuttle, our permit depends on it.

3) We have a wait-list!  If for some reason you are unable to run please let us know ASAP so we can let in the next person on the wait-list.

And, finally, get psyched!  This is going to be fun.



Drymax Joins as Sponsor

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We’re very pleased to announce that Drymax has joined on as a sponsor.  All participants will receive Drymax socks!

2017 Timing Update

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We are pleased to announce that we will now have live timing via  https://www.opensplittime.org/.  Times will be recorded at Church Fork as well as the summit and will be reported in near real-time!  Further details will be available in the coming weeks.

2017 RUFA

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Through close interaction with the Forest Service we have been given the green light for RUFA 2017.  Quick details below for planning purposes:

  • Date : February 11th, 2017 (Saturday)
  • Route : Same as 2016, which means we’ll be on the Church  Fork trail to Grandeur Peak
  • Race categories : We’ll have three this year : 6, 12, and 24 hrs
    • 24 hr runners must start at 6AM on 2/11
    • 12 hr runners may start at any hour, on the hour, between 6AM and 6PM
    • 6 hr runners may start at any hour, on the hour, between 6AM (2/11) and 12AM on 2/12
    • All three categories will end at 6AM on 2/12 (Sunday)
    • Results will be published on Ultrasignh
  • Shuttle : Just as with 2016, all participants, viewers, crew, etc. will be REQUIRED to utilize the shuttle service.  Running will not be allowed to begin their race unless they have a ticket from the shuttle
  • Registration : will open on 12/9/2016 with prices as follows
    • 24 hr : $70
    • 12 hr : $55
    • 6 hr : $40
  • # of Entrants : 120 total for all categories
  • Other Details : Standby